Does your child have study-learning problems and despite additional guidance this remains a problem?
Does your child always say “I can’t!” (Older than 6), thus refusing to start something?
Do you just want to give your child that extra boost so that your child is as positive as possible through his / her studies?

As a parent you want nothing more than the best for your child.
Therefore, it is often extra difficult when it turns out that some things are not self-evident.



The request for help can be:

What’s inside the child doesn’t show…

My child has a concentration problem.

My child has performance anxiety.

At home my child succeeds but during class all is forgotten.

What stands out are disappointing results, arrears or difficulty with literacy and/or numeracy.

Unpleasant for the child, parents and teachers.

Often the solution is found in more effort, extra homework and counseling, but this does not help enough.


Nonverbal IQ-TEST
Usable in all languages

Not available yet!

First of all: An IQ-Test doesn’t say anything about how clever you are! It does give an insight on how you think and process things. Have you ever thought: I really don’t get it, Am I the only one? or They just don’t understand me!! Sometimes it can be helpful to do an IQ-Test, so that maybe your parents or others can get a better insight on how you think and process things. They need to have this little bit more information to help you better. So, yes. The majority of times it’s to help you understand the world just a little bit better.


DIY Projects, Project classes and Language classes

Projects download: Projects which you can download and do yourself or with you group. Contains a lesson plan. Neo needs your help to understand what he has found. Together with Neo you discover, discuss, investigate and share all the new information found.

Project classes: Projects for those who like an extra challenge! Project classes can be done at a chosen location or at the address of NeoNiños.

Language classes: English and Dutch classes via Skype.


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