Fully prepared projects to use yourself.


The projects contain a build up of information and if needed links and practice materials.

These projects come with a lesson plan, but one must always make sure to prepare the project to suit yourself or your group!


More projects keep being added.


Next project will be Sport:

Available Projects

This Project is about a science article.

A Black molecular Hole created in a laboratory.

This raises some interesting questions…….


Content of the Project:

This project aims at increasing knowledge and understanding by means of the following methods:

Read comprehension

Language – writing

To learn and use various research methods Organization of information

Participation in discussions, work assignments and / or constructions

Being part of a team and working independently



Attached is a comprehensive project plan. These can be used when you set up this project. You can of course also choose to give this project in your own way.

It’s what they get from the project, not how much information they can write or tell.

Ultimately, the children do not have to remember details like names and / or data from etc … that’s fun, but that’s why we for example invented Google 😉

It is more important that they understand it.

That they understand what they can achieve with the different methods of science. Today already!


Included are:

Project workbook                                                      69 pages

Project plan for supervisors                                        22 pages

Project letter for supervisors                                       4 pages

Project letter for parents                                            4 pages

Extra practice papers – history                                     10 pages

Extra practice papers – mathematics                             11 pages

Extra practice papers – geografy                                 27 pages