Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability

A nonverbal measure of ability for anyone. Especially designed for culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

The WNV is ideal for psychologists who need a nonverbal measure of ability for individuals who are neither English-language nor Spanish-language proficient, or have other language considerations.

Designed for Linguistically Diverse Populations

When language poses a barrier to typical administration, or where traditional intellectual assessment results would be questionable due to language-related difficulties, the WNV is appropriate for all individuals.

Innovative Pictorial Directions Make Administration Easy and Effective

  • No need to pantomime instructions
  • Native language of the examinee is irrelevant to performance
  • Flexible standard administration allows help when appropriate
  • Ideal for Spanish-dominant examinees when no Spanish-speaking clinician or translator is available

WNV was specifically created for:

  • Immigrant individuals who are English language learners
  • Hispanic individuals who are neither English-language nor Spanish-language dominant
  • Hard of hearing or deaf individuals
  • Individuals with language difficulties or disorders
  • Individuals who may be eligible for special services and support
  • Gifted individuals from linguistically diverse populations

Ideal for low incidence disorders such as:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Aphasia
  • Physically-/multiple-handicapped
  • Autism spectrum disorders

Language Diversity Doesn’t Mean Having to Use Several Different Tests

  • No need for adapted administration for use in different countries or with individuals from different countries
  • Supplemental directions in several languages
  • Ideal for use in schools with individuals from multiple language backgrounds
  • Meets current IDEA requirements



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