Often we do not realize what we already CAN do.

Most children will learn naturally: They learn to walk, talk, cycling, swimming and writing. The problems often begin at school because a child does not achieve “the norm”.

Learning in school children must effectively use their memory. Also children must learn useful ways of learning; the so-called learning strategies.

The child must be free of obstacles and barriers that restrict learning.

These learning obstacles and barriers are often invisible because they take place largely in the subconscious, keeping children, their parents and teachers often muddling.

Over time a learning problem becomes visible because the children have suffered a noticeable disability.

Children also need to get the basics of academic skills and by now gaps are noticeable.

To be able top get the child learning it is very important that they have opened their “shutters” so they can absorb the material.

Children with learning disabilities, learning difficulties or gaps are by definition not “less” intelligent than other children! Let us be especially clear in this.

This course is designed for children with concentration problems, anxiety, children who perform below their level and children with learning delays.

We work in groups of up to 6-8 children.

The program consists of 7-10 weekly sessions of one hour. Depending on the speed of the child or group walking through the program.

The content of the training: Each lesson has a solid structure.

Learning to: relax and focus, play an important role in every meeting.

In addition, each lesson has its own theme.

Lesson 1: Establish goals of the training and discovering their own learning preferences.

Lesson 2: Learning to deal with anxiety and motivational-strategies.

Lesson 3: Learning to plan and organize and learn from memory.

Lesson 4: Coping with concentration.

Lesson 5: Learn techniques in the field of language, arithmetic and symbolism.


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How to study smarter, not harder

Times for Learn to Learn are at the moment set at every Friday at 17.00 and every Saterday at 14.30 at the location of NeoNiños

This course is group course with a maximum of 4.
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